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Josh Salganik is the Founder of Salganik Solutions, a Dallas-based SEO Consultancy. Since the inception of Salganik Solutions, Josh has received calls from Agencies nation wide with interest in a white-label/partnership opportunity with Salganik Solutions. One thing is for certain, "when you rank #1, the word certainly travels fast!"

Josh is recognized as a Google Analytics Accredited Professional, a coveted credential in the world of Internet Marketing. His unique, and uniquely effective, approach to this emerging submarket of Marketing and Advertising (known as SEO & SEM) has allowed Salganik Solutions, Inc. to develop leading-edge SEO services and solutions.

Josh studied Business Finance at San Diego State, from which he graduated in 2006, and soon after acquired his Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) Designation from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. By the end of 2007, Josh had attained the following FINRA Wealth Management licenses: Series 7, Series 6, Series 63, Series 66; as well as a California Life Agent with a license to sell and broker life insurance & other insurance products.

Prior to embarking on his adventures in SEO, Josh had early success in wealth management (hence his familiarity with the Alpha Coefficient). Josh began his career as a Financial Advisor for First Investors Corporation, a broker of its own in-house mutual funds and life insurance products. He then worked as a Wealth Manager for
Ken Stern & Associates, an investment advisory and consistently one of Bloomberg's "Top Dogs."

Josh spend nearly 2 years of trial and error, making progress towards what is now the Alpha SEO Strategy. Principles of the Alpha Strategy fundamentally boil down to probability, statistical profiling, and thus, Salganik's strategy have roots in the compounding math known to wealth management and investing. Alpha refers to the Alpha Coefficient, a statistical approach to gauging the effectiveness of investment fund managers. Managers who achieve returns from any asset class in excess of those generated by the asset class as a whole are said to have a positive alpha.

By subjecting specific websites to keyword-based statistical analysis, Josh is able to develop a detailed profile of the SEO strategy most effective for that keyword, a strategy thats engineered in effort to *works towards attaining top search engine placement (results 1-3 in google). After nearly 2 years testing and refining the Alpha SEO Strategy, Josh founded Salganik Solutions in 2009, and rapidly developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading practitioners of SEO. As Salganik Solutions gained notoriety through word of mouth, by September 2009 Josh was in negotiations with The Old State LLC for a strategic partnership which led to the joint venture spin-off in April of 2010 known as the Alpha SEO Strategy, LLC. During this time, Josh spent 2010 working directly with Travis McElroy, Founder of The Old State to completely revamp their proprietary content management system known as Governor — allowing for seamless integration of Salganik's SEO Strategy into The Old State client accounts including Texas Christian University, Northpark Center, Jan Showers, Paper City Magazine, and many more.

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